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We went to Calicut (Kozhikode) today for a bit of a beach and city fix. I couldn't help myself when I saw the gorgeous traditional Keralan cream and gold saris and bought this one with delicate cornflower blue flowers.

Also my churidar came back from the tailors so I'm starting to fade into the background (well obviously not as I'm still pale and ginger but it's a nice thought!).

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Monkeys but still no wild elephants


We ventured into the rainforest last week and as we are such esteemed guests we had the forest officer take us in his jeep to look for elephants! Sadly it was the wrong time of day but we did see some monkeys and some great scenery and they gave us a lovely cup of tea and some nice (as in coconut) biscuits. Hopefully (again through some string pulling) we'll return one evening next week when there's more chance of seeing the nellies!

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Keralans like their food...no serioulsy they love it. Since arriving the food hasn't stopped coming - huge breakfasts of fruit, bread and sometimes a few curry like dishes, large fried donut like savoury snacks for mid morning, lunches with vats of rice, at least 3 different curries, fish, chicken and chapati; another donut snack in the afternoon and the same as lunch for dinner. All washed down with chaia of course! When I asked the teachers what the students ambitions were, they said their next meal - not exactly true but it gives you the idea!

The Keralan staples are coconut, green chillies, rice and tapioca (prepared like boiled potato), with most meals containing all four. Traditionally the rice is placed in the centre of the plate (or banana leaf) and portions of the variety of curries, spiced vegetables and mixture of whey and salad are served around the rice. My favourite so far is a coconut flavoured rice pancake with aubergine, vege curry and deep fried little fish (like sprats) on the side.

Our lovely cook, Ulma Culsa (almost definitly spelt wrong), cooks the most delicious, fresh tasting food and the lightest chapati in Kerala....we've just had to teach her the word small!

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Adyanpara and TK Colony


Our fantastic driver and chaperone, Yusaf, has been taking us to some fantastic places this weekend. My favourite has to be these waterfalls. I'm not going to say much as I think the pictures speak for themselves. My climbing skills came in handy!

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I honestly didn't say I wanted to neutralise the students!


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