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Black out

We're used to our fair share of electrical black outs but this was something else entirely! We had prime viewing for the magical lunar eclipse last night and the whole neighbourhood came out to view - including the 4 girls from next door; Maneesha, Mandeesha, Monisha and Nimisha...from now on I'm going to be called Carlisha :)

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From Dawn til Dusk

The idea of free time is a more or less unkown concept here - you get up early and start working until you go to bed late and then sleep until you get up early and start all over again. In the rural areas where there is little gas and electricity and the wages are low, work also involves making the most of the natural resources around you for food, firewood, cleaning and materials. Whether it is havesting coconuts for making coconut oil or pulling dead branches from the rubber trees with a ten feet makeshift hook for firewood or cleaning clothes in the river on the rocks; all of it is hard grafting work that is humbling to watch.

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Just a simple post today - a few pictures from my walk this morning from the homestay to the lily pond and back again. I think these are some of my favourite photos so far which shows you don't have to travel too far...well except for travelling to India...but you know what I mean!

For those who are interested the nuts drying in the sun are areca nuts which are used with betal leaves (see green leaves being sold at market in tamil nadu post) to make paan - a sort of chewing tabacco which is apparently euphoria inducing and highly addictive.

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Nilgiri Mountain Railway

One of the things I defnitly wanted to do when I came to India was travel on one of the a huge trains that chug away through the Indian scenery. The Nilgiri Mountain Railway was possibly one step better - a steam train which takes you through the spectacular Nilgiri Mountains. As we were with the chairman we travelled 1st class (of course!) which meant we didn't get the full frantic experience but it did mean we had a coach to ourselves to enjoy the ride.

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Tamil Nadu

Coonoor and Ooty Ooty Ooty

There was a holiday on Monday so NO SCHOOL!!! Urm....not that I was excited about that of course. Our esteemed chairman took us into the neighbouring state, Tamil Nadu, to make the most of the long weekend. It was high up in the mountains so we packed our scarves and jumpers (it went as low as 16° can you believe). It was strange how different the atmosphere was compared to Kerala - driving through the colourful hill top villages it almost felt like we'd been transferred to a balearic island with a laid back, less frantic feel.

We stayed in the city of Coonoor and I have to admit it was great to be in the city again. We walked around the crammed and bustling market in the evening with the smell of fish and raw chicken just about being drowned out by the scent of jasmin flowers coming from the hindu garland sellers. My favourite sight was tiny babies wrapped up in blankets and balaclavas to ward off the 'freezing' temperatures!

On Monday we travelled into Ooty on the world famous Nilgiri Mountain Railway (more on next time). I wasn't so impressed with Ooty but it was nice to see that our fame had reached outside the state - I must have been stopped at least 10 times to have my photo taken! I'll warn you - my ego's going to be huge when I get back :)

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