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It was the last day of teaching yesterday and it will be my last day in Nilambut tomorrow! It hasn't quite sunk in that I'm going but I'm sure there will be plenty of tears tomorrow when I have to say goodbye to everyone. So, in what I think will be my final post, I thought I'd introduce you to all those that have made this trip so special for me.

Yousaf is at the bottom - our driver and guardian angel. He's looked after us when we've been ill, driven us everywhere we could possibly want to go, provided us with lalalaleleo, treated us to the cinema, meals out and ice cream, and has had to put up with more then I can say, all with his wicked sense of humour and cheeky laugh. He is an absolute star.

I know I shouldn't have favourites but in the middle is Nande and Manjusha who live near me and are the sweetest kids in the world. Nande is always round with his cricket set for a quick game and pulls faces at me everytime I bowl past him (i'm actually pretty good!) and then three year old Manjusha, with the brightest smile in Kerala, is always smiling and yelling hi and Carlaaa as she runs round to bring us flowers :)

Finally at the top are all the Spoken English teachers (except sadly the lovely Priya) starting from left is Ullas (a coordinator rather then a teacher but we can let him off), then the wonderful Sabitha, then Sue, Chris is towering over us at the back, then me in the middle, lovely bubbly Shirzad, Imelda, Bev, Andrew and finally the usually very cheerful Chandra Bose! It's been great getting to know everyone and as you can see we've had good fun.

So that just about wraps things up - I've loved writing the blog and I hope everyone has enjoyed reading it. It really has been a fantastic trip and has opened my eyes to so many things I never thought I would experience in my life. I'm really going to miss everyone here but I hope they realise how much they've come to mean to me and what wonderful memories I'm taking home.

Posted by carlala 09:59

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Sad to be leaving...but we'll be glad to have you back! :) xx

by IrvWashington

I've loved every minute of reading your blog mate!

by Craggy

Hi Carla,

I've very much enjoyed reading through your blog - you clearly had a grand experience, and I'm inspired to try it for myself.

I'm 41 and I'm looking for a completely different way of life, if only for a while.

As such, I'm considering applying for a volunteer role with Sadtgamaya this year (which I noticed advertised on the Wanderlust Jobs board, and is how I came to find your blog), but I'm not clear on the visa situation. I understand it it now required to have a work visa if volunteering in India. I'm hoping to spend a few months travelling after the voluntary work is concluded - how does this work out?

I'm certified in TEFL, but I only spent about a year teaching English as a Foreign Language, and that was over twenty years ago. Since then my work has always included teaching to some degree, and I've taught various IT disciplines, photography and scuba diving. I was wondering what level of teaching qualification and teaching experience last year's successful applicants had and thus glean whether my qualification and experience might be suitable for this role.

Any other tips and tactics for volunteering/travelling in India would be most welcome - things to take, things to do, things to avoid - anything you can think of.

Thanks, Andrew

by frenchmonkeys

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